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Foster Boy

Michael Trainer is a lawyer at the center of a trial in which a for-profit Foster care agency puts a known sex offender into the same foster home as his young client Jamal, with catastrophic results. Michael, a successful litigator with a long career in protecting corporate clients, has been blinded from recognizing the real damage they can cause. He wants nothing to do with Jamal's case until a Judge forces him to accept it. Initially he sees Jamal as a thuggish African American youth trying to get a piece of corporate profits. But when Jamal refuses to settle the case for any amount of money, Michael begins his representation in earnest. As their work together reveals the horrifying depth of the corrupt and abusive for-profit Foster care agency, Michael is transformed from reluctant defender to fierce warrior in the battle for justice.

About the Director/Writer:

Youssef Delara, a native of Los Angeles, began his education in the art of film at Loyola Marymount Film School where he focused on directing while pursuing additional coursework in photography at Art Center College of Art and Design. After college he applied his acute visual sense working as a Visual Effects Associate on the highly successful Paramount Television series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, eventually becoming Visual Effects Supervisor. He later went on to produce visual effects for Star Trek: Voyager as well as sequences for the popular Star Trek feature films Generations and Insurrection.

Cast & Crew:

Director: Youssef Delara

Screenwriter: Jay Paul Deratany

Cast: Matthew Modine, Louis Gossett Jr., Shane Paul McGhie, Julie Benz, Evan Handler

Producer: Jay Paul Deratany, Peter Samuelson, Andrew Sugerman, Anne Marie MacKay

Executive Producer:  Shaquille O'Neal, Mary Beth O'Connor, The Lipari Family, Max Adler, Danny Mooney

Cinematographer: Ben Kufrin

Editor: Andrew Drazek

Composer: Kathryn Bostic

Film info:

Section: US Narrative Competition

Premiere: Arizona Premiere

Year: 2019

Length: 108 minutes

Language: English

Country: USA

Connect: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Previous Festivals:

Nashville Film Festival, International Black Film Festival (Best of Fest, Best Narrative Feature), Woodstock Film Festival (Carpe Diem Award), Heartland International Film Festival, Tryon International Film Festival (Humanitarian Award, Best Narrative Feature), West Texas Film Festival, Cinesol