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Acclaimed director Michael Winterbottom delivers a hilariously biting farce on the fashion industry. Retail billionaire Richard McCreadie (Steve Coogan) prepares for a lavish celebration of his 60th birthday on the Greek island of Mykonos. The occasion is overseen by a reality-TV camera crew, and a writer (David Mitchell) hired to craft McCreadie’s hagiographic biography with assistance from McCreadie’s ex-wife (Isla Fisher). Meanwhile, refugees from Syria have set up camp on a nearby beach, much to the consternation of hotel staff and local authorities. In the process, horrendous truths regarding McCreadie’s past are revealed that threaten the billionaire’s entire enterprise, and the fashion industry is shown as a cutthroat gladiatorial sport.

About the Director/Writer:

Michael Winterbottom is the award-winning director of over 30 feature films including The Trip Series starring Steve Coogan – The Trip, The Trip To Italy, and The Trip to Spain; The Wedding Guest; A Mighty Heart; The Killer Inside Me; The Road to Guantanamo; and 9 Songs. He has won over 20 awards throughout his career including awards from the Independent Spirit Awards and BAFTA. Three of his films—Welcome to Sarajevo, Wonderland and 24 Hour Party People—have competed for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

Cast & Crew:

Director: Michael Winterbottom

Screenwriter: Michael Winterbottom, Sean Gray

Cast: Steve Coogan, Isla Fisher, Shirley Henderson, Asa Butterfield, Sophie Cookson, David Mitchell, Dinita Gohil, Shanina Shaik, Sarah Solemani

Producer: Damian Jones, Melissa Parmenter

Executive Producer:  Daniel Battsek, Ollie Madden

Cinematographer: Giles Nuttgens

Editor: Liam Hendrix Heath

Composer: Harry Escott

Film info:

Section: International Narrative Competition

Premiere: Arizona Premiere

Year: 2019

Length: 104 minutes

Language: English

Country: United Kingdom

US Distributor: Sony Pictures Classics

International Sales Agent: Sony Pictures International Productions

Previous Festivals:

Toronto International Film Festival, London Film Festival


“The most important film of the year…. Greed isn’t just one of Winterbottom’s best films, it’s also one of his most important to date.” 

                     - Scott Menzel, We Live Entertainment

“A hilarious film about the dangers of capitalism…. One of Winterbottom's better movies, which is saying a lot, given the quality of his oeuvre.”

                      - Kaleem Aftab, Cineuropa

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