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This dark coming-of-age tale set in a Texas town explores the behaviors of people swimming in abusive relationships. BRANDON BELL, a high school wrestler, wants to leave everything behind including his negligent mother but instead finds himself sinking down a deep rabbit hole. The story begins when a sheriff and his deputy stand over a dead body hit by a car. As they stare perplexed at the corpse, the scene fades into present day where a series of seemingly unrelated events unfolds: a lonely high school coach scolds his athletes for fighting, a prostitute steals from a Cowboy and sneaks out of a motel room, and the our protagonist, Brandon, breaks his arm during a wrestling meet.

About the Director/Writer:

I lived in Texas from 2004 to 2011 and during those years, I drove thousands of miles around the state passing through small towns like Pecos, Monahans, Midland, and Eagle Pass to larger cities like San Antonio, El Paso, and Houston – covering assignments as a freelance photographer. I was lucky enough to be able to shoot for one of my favorite magazines: TEXAS MONTHLY. And they sent me everywhere. The lonely stretches of highway, the weathered faces, the vast and flat landscapes, and the dry heat can all surely leave a lasting impression – especially to a newcomer. You can feel the history with every abandoned oil rig or gas station you pass. Being alone on the road offers you plenty of time to think and daydream. Being an editorial portrait photographer offers you the chance to embrace the unknown and the opportunity to meet interesting people from all walks of life. The sheriff. The doctor. The grieving family. The lawyer. The high school teacher. The exoneree. The corrupt politician. The prison guard. For a brief moment you get to hear their stories and see a tiny glimpse of their lives. You swap tales and then head back on the road, with hands on the wheel but with thoughts still stuck on all the things you were told and the faces you saw. Somehow I was always left wanting more and selfishly, I just didn’t want these stories to end or the faces to disappear. So I would make up my own – putting people in strange places and then stranger situations. It made being on the road a bit easier but more importantly, it strengthened my joy for storytelling.

Cast & Crew:

Director:  Van Ditthavong

Screenwriter:  Van Ditthavong

Cast: Addison Timlin

Dash Mihok, Corin Nemec, Nick Chinlund, Alex MacNicll, Tina Parker, Paige McGarvin, Paige MCGarvin, Ginifer Ree, Margrana Shaw, Bryson Smith, Kenneisha Thompson, Marcus M. Mauldin, Darryl Cox, Shannon Moree Smith, Jennifer Rader

Producer: Derek D. Brown

Executive Producer:  Michelle Beakey

Cinematographer: Spenser T. Nottage

Editor: Van Ditthavong Sam Parnell

Composer: Curtis Glenn HeathSam Parnell

Film info:

Section:  Red Entertainment 

goPOP Films

Premiere: Arizona Premiere

Year: 2019

Length: 108 minutes

Language: English 

Country: USA

Connect: Website, Facebook, Twitter

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