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The Nomads

The Nomads is a feature film inspired by true events. In 2013 the Philadelphia School District faced an unprecedented $1.35B budget deficit. As a result, the school board closed over twenty schools, displacing thousands of students and teachers, including Cassey McNamara ("Mac"). Mac lands a job teaching at North Philly's rough Whitman High School. At Whitman, Mac meets Mark Nolin, a fellow teacher. Mac and Nolin quickly realize they both have a passion for the sport of rugby and decide to team up to start a rugby program at Whitman. Mac and Nolin attract Jaymie (recently busted for dealing drugs), Banner (Haitian and fast), O'Brien (Irish and overweight) and eventually Kahlil (ex football star) to the team. Their field is littered with trash and needles, but Mac and Nolin find a rhythm with the team.

About the Director/Writer:

Brandon Eric Kamin is a first time director / producer in the narrative feature space. A native of Philadelphia, Kamin started a film production company in 2011, called Bear Bear Productions. To date, he has led production projects in partnership with some of the industry’s most innovative brands all over the world. Kamin wrote the script for his next feature, which is set to begin production in October 2020, where he is slated to direct and produce again as well.

Cast & Crew:

Director: Brandon Eric Kamin

Screenwriter: Tara Miele

Cast:Tika Sumpter, Tate Donovan, Thomas Pierce, Devon Ray, Andy Riddle, Vladamir Versailles

Producers: Brandon Eric Kamin, Aimee McDaniel, Mark Donadio, Miriam Marcus, Tika Sumpter

Executive Producers: Jedd Canty, Jonathan Lubert, Erik Blachford, Brandon Eric Kamin, Eric Berger, Steve Berk, Larry Klebanoff, Jeremy Brodey, Marcus Stephens

Cinematographer: Jonathan Nicholas

Editor: Conor Kelley

Film info:

Section:US Narrative Feature Competition

Year: 2019

Length: 93 minutes

Language: English

Country: USA

Previous Festivals:

 Philadelphia International Film Festival


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