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Annual Membership $199
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Membership Fee $29 plus $19.99 Monthly
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Join the Chandler Film Club, started by the Chandler International Film Festival! The Chandler Film Club will be hosting one movie screening every month for it’s members. Every month, we will accept film submissions and either choose a group of short films to screen or one feature film to screen. By joining the Chandler Film Club, you will be able to see independently, sometimes locally, made films that can’t be seen anywhere else!


The Membership costs only $29 to join and $19.99 per month. Alternatively, you can save money by paying your year in advance. The flat rate for a one-year membership is $199. Membership includes one year of monthly screenings and a one-year membership with the new streaming platform Festiflix. With Festiflix, you can watch award-winning short and feature films not seen outside the festival circuit!


If you love movies, want to support more independent filmmakers, and see movies only showing on the festival circuit, join the Chandler Film Club!

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