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  1. Best New Filmmaker: Wuss by Nadine Wilson

  2. Best Student Filmmaker: El Halcón by Arlene Torres

  3. Best Comedy Short Film: CATastrophe by Tracy Lauren Locke

  4. Best Action/Adventure Short Film: Sunset Drive by Michael Thomas DeLano

  5. Best Suspense/Thriller Short Film: I Saw What I Saw by Nanci Gaglio

  6. CIFF Art Award: The Green Art Academy

  7. Best Horror Short Film: 77 by Kim Kopf

  8. Best Screenplay: Path of Vindication by Prakshep Bhatt

  9. Best International Short Film [Block A]: Miss Agata by Anna Elena Pepe and Sebastian Maulucci

  10. Best International Short Film [Block B]: Raj - Lost & Found by Saraswathi Vani Balgam

  11. Best Woman Short Film: Abrazo by Paola Baldion

  12. Best Short Film [Block A]: The Delicate Cycle by Katherine King

  13. Best Short Film [Block B]: Sprinkle Brownies by Brittany Delgaty

  14. Best Documentary Short Film: Baseball Behind Barbed Wire by Yuriko Gamo Romer

  15. Career Icon Award: Dean Norris

  16. Lifetime Achievement Award: Eric Roberts

  17. Dr. A. J. Chandler Award: Emilia Reyna and Allison Sandoval

  18. Best Drama Short Film: Black Velvet by Josie Hull

  19. Jury's Choice Award: Land’s End by Alan Kim

  20. Best Spanish/Latin Film: Sara: La Fuerza Del Mar by Martín Agudelo Ramírez and Andrés Ricaurte

  21. Best Asian Film: Dark Feathers by Crystal J. Huang and Nicholas Ryan

  22. Best Indian Film: Sir Madam Sarpanch by Praveen Morchhale

  23. Best Native American Film: The Weight of a Feather by Kristin Atwell Ford

  24. Best European Film: From Life to Life by Beka Sikharulidze

  25. People's Choice Award: Art Thief by Arthur Bjorn Egeli

  26. Mayor's Choice Award: Maya by Julia Verdin

  27. Best Arizona Short Film: Superstar by Talha Hussaini and Jacob Heimlich

  28. Best Arizona Feature Film: Touch the Water by Travis Holt Hamilton

  29. Best Actor: Max Deacon in Art Thief

  30. Best Actress: Mallory Everton in Villains Inc

  31. Best Director:  Rick Walker in Guardians

  32. Best Faith/Family Film: Thabo and the Rhino Case by Mara Eibl-Eibesfeldt

  33. Best US Narrative Feature Film: Road to Terzetto by Brian Shakti

  34. Best International Narrative Feature Film: The Last Passenger by Takashi Horie

  35. Best Documentary Feature Film: Running the RadioTron by David Guzman

  36. Best Late Night Feature Film: The Activated Man by Nicholas Gyeney

  37. Best Feature Film: Villains Inc. by Jeremy Warner


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