January 21st to 24th, 2021

Theater + Drive-In + Online

Foster Boy
Discussion Panels

“The imagination is the golden pathway to everywhere”- Terence McKenna.  The film expands your imagination beyond belief, transforming you to any place or time. 


The Chandler International Film Festival (CIFF) began in 2016 with a simple idea to share international films in a local setting. CIFF is proudly located in Chandler, Arizona and is one of the fastest-growing film festivals in Arizona. The festival is dedicated to uniting the community through the film--whether you’re a filmmaker or a casual viewer there is something for everyone. 


CIFF will be showcasing over 120 films submitted from all over the world spanning six continents and 35 countries.  Independent filmmakers from various countries assemble in Chandler to showcase their films and provide valuable insight into their craft. 


The festival is honored to partner with the City of Chandler in connection with the city’s 25th annual Multicultural Festival.  The city’s diverse population contributes to the festival’s success.


The four-day festival will include: Red Carpet Opening Ceremony, Special World Premiere Shows, Film-making Workshops, Discussion Panels, Nightly After Parties & Closing Award Ceremony. 


CIFF continues to create opportunities for film enthusiasts and casual fans alike. Whether you are interested in what happens in front of the screen or behind the screen, experts from all phases collaborate to provide a full experience you’ll never forget.




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