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Chandler International Film Festival proudly presents The Film Auction Gooroo to conduct the first and only live film auction in support of the Film Festival!  For the first time ever, a growing library of remarkable film artists and their motion pictures are available to the highest bidders, and for purchase on Film Auction Gooroo. Never before has the universe of films and budding motion picture artists been, literally, at the fingertips of buyers for auction and acquisition. If you are a serious licensee, buyer, or distributor of films, then The Film Auction Gooroo is your competitive edge to higher profits through the successful identification of blockbuster motion pictures.

Chandler International Film Festival has now teamed with The Film Auction Gooroo for an exclusive Film Festival Film Auction.


Registering your film for auction for this event is easy. To get started, just fill out the form below and upload your film information! Once your film is registered and uploaded, buyers will gain access to your film to bid at auction!

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