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Eric Schumacher

What a wonderful festival. Really good people running it. Very responsive. Great films, great fellow filmmakers. I have n doubt i will get even better from here. A blast.

Alexander Helisek

Before this film festival, I have never heard of Chandler Arizona to be honest. I've only been to Phoenix and Mesa.

After attending The Chandler International Film Festival, I fell in love with the town, the films, the experience, and everything that was offered.

The film festival is run wonderfully for only it's second year, and the experience was very worthwhile!

I met so many filmmakers from all over the world as we celebrated 150 films in multiple different screening rooms, as well as after parties, red carpet photos and interviews, and amazing bars and restaurants super close by.

All of us kept saying that this festival will grow, and grow quickly. This town is a booming city, and I recommend for all to submit, and attend, The Chandler International Film Festival!

Javier Reyna

Mitesh is a great director with a big vision. This festival is only going to get better. Overall communication was always great. It was a great experience to be able to attend. Thank you!!

Mark-Anna Casadei

Really enjoyed this event. Wonderful communication and great networking opportunities. They are a fairly new festival so there are some growing pains to go through but their vision is bold and strong so I expect them to grow into a top notch festival in no time. Thank you for the recognition/award on our film and look forward to your future endeavors as a festival!!!

Jim Politano

Everything was top notch, from the communication to the movies, to the amazing award ceremony with those 30 pound trophies. I didn't win one, but it made me want to try harder next time, and there will be a next time.

Phil Hollins

Speechless! The Chandler International Film Festival was amazing. Fantastic atmosphere and I was pleasantly surprised to be awarded Best Screenplay for my screenplay "(F)ugly." Thank you so much.

David Van Wie

Incredible festival! Very well executed with lots of networking, interviews, and awesome awards show. Highly recommend.

Felix Moore

Wow! What a wonderful event. Thank you Chandler International Film Festival and Mitesh Patel, the workshops and screenings were great! Keep up the good work. Your communication and hospitality is second to none. Blessings and continued success.

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